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Video Game Nutz - Video Game Nutz is a Video Game mega site listing Cheats , Screenshots,
Ratings , Storyline and other info for popular video games. All Easy To Find info without all the advertising
that most mega sites use!

Video Game Cheats + Hints - ( Video Game Cheat & Hints ) has a variety of Cheats and hints
for the most popular games on all systems including PC , gamecube , playstation 1 & 2 , x box and more.
a Very Easy to surf video game cheat site.

Pure Resident Evil - A Very Well put Basic RE site thats to the point without all the mumbo jumbo of other sites
all info for Resident Evil 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , Code Veronica and upcoming games ( RE 4 ) are all here in full info.

Devil May Cry Series - Info on the Devil May Cry games number 1 and 2.

Final Fantasy 4 Life - Info including screenshots , storyline and cheats for final fantasy games number
7 XII upto the newest final fantasy game.

Tomb Raider World - Info on all the tomb raider games from number one to present , get all the screenshots
storylines and cheats for the games here.

FIFA Series - Info on this mega popular soccer series including cheats and screenshots.

The Unreal Series - Storylines , screenshots and cheats for the unreal series of games.

Totally Parappa the Rapper - Hints , cheats and screenshots for this music/dance game.

Totally Mario - A listing of more popular mario games with cheats , screenshots and storylines.

Dead Or Alive Zone - Info , cheats and screenshots for this horror game.

Resident Evil Zone - Info , storylines , screenshots and cheats for all the resident evil video games including
RE one , two , three , code veronica and zero.

Just Nightmare Creatures - Info including cheats and screenshots for the nightmare creatures video games.

Parasite Eve Central - Info , screenshots and cheats for this horror styled game.

Alone In The Dark Games - Cheats and screenshots for the AITD games.

Dino Crisis World - Info including cheats and screenshots for Dino Crisis one and two.

Evil Dead Zone - Storyline , cheats and screenshots for this horror game.

Onimusha Series - Info , screenshots and cheats for this horror styled video game.

Odd World Series - Info including cheats and screenshots for games in the odd world series.

The Thing World - Storyline , screenshots and cheats for this horror styled game.

Grand Theft Auto 24/7 - Info on the entire series of grand theft Auto including 1 , 2 , 3 and Vice City.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater Series - Info , screenshots and cheats for the THPS Series.

Tekken Series - Info including cheat codes , hints , screenshots of all the tekken games in the series.

Cool Trivia Games - Info on the more popular trivia video games on the internet.

Bust A Grove Series - Info and screenshots for this music video game series

Quake 24/7 - Info on The mega Popular Quake Series including quake 1 , 2 & 3.

Dance Dance Revelution Games - Info and cheats and screenshots for all the DDR Games.

Pure Stradegy Games - Lists most of the more popular stradegy video games and gives screenshots ,
storyline and cheats for each game.

Just Survival Horror Games - A listing of only Survival Horror games including resident evil , silent hill
Devil may Cry , the Thing , Onimusha and more!

Popular Racing Games - Cheats , Screenshots and info on the most popular racing video games.

Shooter Video Games - Info , cheat & Screenshots of the more popular shooter games.

Just Counter Strike - Cheats , Storylines and screenshots for this game.

Just Ratchet & Clank - Cheats and screenshots for the ratchet and clank game.

Just Silent Hill - Info on Silent hill numbers one , two and three.

Top Trivia Games - A listing of the more popular trivia based video games.

Just Music Games - A listing of just popular music games that our out there including dance dance revolution ,
Parappa the Rapper & Bust a grove.

Star Wars Games 4 Life - Info on the more popular star wars games available.

Just Star Trek Games - Info including cheats , storylines and screenshots of the more popular star trek games.

Sports Game Lovers - Info on all the major sports including hockey , basketball , football , baseball
Wrestling , soccer and more. All with Screenshots and cheats.

Totally Fighting Games - A look at just the most popular fighting games on the Internet.

Our Friends Other web sites

New Hockey Cards - The guy that owns this site buys boxes of cards and lists what he gets in those boxes
Very cool site. i made a few purchases from what he said were good boxes and they turned out to be very true!

Comic Gems - A site that sells comics and has a few comic pictures etc.

1aws by CodecR - this site is more for adults i guess. so if your looking for adult type materials
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No Bucks - No Bucks Totally Free Stuff. At No this site is all about bringing the Internet
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